Gallery: 1836 labels

1836 is the title from Winsome Games. The set includes double-sided stickers for 10 local companies! There are the initials of the company on one side, (which are really difficult to find on the map), on the other side we have placed the numbers of these companies from 1 to 10 (the same as on their charters). We have already tested them and they are really a great help.

In this game you can play either attached certificates of companies or you can use (during the game) certificates from 1830. If you want to use the second option, it is also worth using our set of stickers and tokens prepared for 1830. Howether in 1836 companies have more stations than in 1830, in the set of stickers for 1836 we added these disks and labels, which in 1830 are not enough. That’s not all, as 1830 appeared in 3 color version so far, so in the set for 1836 there are stickers for each version of 1830!!!

Tokens with stickers (we sell them separately and you must stick them yourself, sorry).

Every company has got different token color, use this picture to stick them correctly.