New stickers: 1830 (Avalon Hill), 1846, 1848, 1880, 1844(update)

Finally, I can show you a gallery with our new beautiful goodies, there are:

  • 1846 – this set has been prepared at your request, you can replace the original cardboard tokens with handy wooden 15mm markers or 12mm stations markers, they fit perfectly into the game.
  • 1880 China – this is one of our largest sets. I had trouble adjusting the colors of the companies to the colors that were in our shop so far, that’s why we made an extra color, which is lavender.
  • 1848 Australia – this game is connected to a nice story which I once described, however, I will say it briefly: I got it as a gift but I had markers sticked on thiny plastic disks. They were so slippery that they might as well have been sticked on small balls. So before first game, I had to prepare a new set of stickers. Now they are also available in our store.
  • 1830 to the first edition from 1986 year! Will anyone be interested in the game tokens that was released 33 years ago? Are there among our readers someone who have played this game since the very beginning, from 1986? Are you still playing in 18xx. Write to us. By adding this set, we can boast that we have stickers for every edition of 1830 that was released. Our markers are much prettier or more functional than those in the original editions.

Links to galleries:

Few of them have small errata. Why did I need to correct them? Because I’m constantly working on how to find the perfect print colors for the markers I get from the producer. Lately I did not have time for a trial print and it turned out that several colors needed to be improved. Therefore, the set you will receive will include additional stickers with an improved version of the background color. It applies to :

  • blue and violet colors for 1848
  • white and blue for 1846 and as it turned out also orange.
  • blue for 1830 (to version from 1986).

The colors in the next sets should be perfectly matched, because I have a large colors sample now, it is printed on the same paper as the stickers.

What in the future? Firstly 18CZ, then probably 1870, 1835, and maybe 1883? I do not know yet. For sure we will slow down and next stickers will appear no more than once a month (1-2 new sets per month). If you have any suggestions, write. I also thought about new option : the print for the order. You send graphics and make a preorder (also an advertisement to get the right number of people willing), when we gather a few volunteers, we will prepare stickers for cutting, then we will print and send them. Something like the P500 system that has GMT. Only on a very small scale. Would you be interested in something like that?

…and the last announcement: for the 1844 set, we added 10 extra stickers for mountain and tunnel companies. Everyone who has already received this set, will get extra stickers free of charge to their next order.

Few photos with new stickers (more in separate galleries):



New stickers up to 1844 with mountain railways:

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