One-color print stickers

This text applies probably only to all AAG or GSG game owners with boards printed on plain paper mounted to a cardboard.

Playing 1817 and 18GB, I noticed that wooden tokens when moving on the stock exchange track leave smudges on paper. I’ve done tests in the past few days for different tokens (not only ours but also from other games, including GMT) and all colored tokens make plain paper dirty. Other printing materials like foils, laminates and game boards from large volume prints are completely safe.

There are three solutions of this problem:

  1. You can only use tokens in a natural color. In our group, this solution falls out, always after moving the token on the stock market, we turn it to the other side. This is a very important rule, you touch – you turn. Thanks to this, you know that the stock market token has been moved. In this way once all tokens go to the page with a sticker, then go to the page without a sticker. Over and over again. Thanks to the colors of tokens, you can see what the order of the companies is and you do not have to rotate them to the side with the sticker every OR ends.
  2. You can protect the board. I thought about the self-adhesive foil, but I do not know how it will look, besides it’s good to have the experience of sticking such a film so as not to destroy the board. I will try and if the effect is satisfying, we will add such foil to the shop’s offer.
  3. You can put the stickers to both sides of token! To the top put company logo, to the bottom put one-color print (or with ‘x’ mark). I checked and our stickers do not make plain paper dirty, it looks like it can be a simple solution and the boards will be safe in this way.

Stickers are printed on half-glossy paper in digital printing. To order them visit our store page.


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