Almost 11 hours of 18xx in one day!

That was my first visit in Michał’s house in Olkusz. From few months it’s a ritual that in one Saturday guys go to Michał’s house to play games, lately only 18xx. I’ve never get approve from my wife 😉 but this time was different. Since I told her, that we will have a visitor from abroad she must gave up 😉 She knew that we can’t dissapointed one of our readers 😉 So, thankfully Dean arrived to Kraków for work purposes, and he had enough time to play some games on the weekend. After few attempts with other locations finally Michał’s house was our last hope to play some games. And we did it! Dean came from Kraków by bus and he also go back by bus, so we knew that we have only time to play max 2 titles.


Because Dean played 18xx once so far before our meeting, that’s why I proposed that we have to play 1889. It’s perfect introductionary game for a new players, and it’s rules are also helpfull to play another 18xx titles.
It was my another 1889 play when I bought the most expensive private company, but to be honest in my opinion it’s one of the best privates because it’s counting as one certificate but gives you 30 each OR, and later 50! Not so many companies could make such good income per share (ok, maybe this one’s with diesels, but it occured at the end of the game).

Because I invested too much in privates I couldn’t open any company. Michał as always opened Iyo, Dean opened Takamatsu and Marcin Sanuki. Thanks to me, nobody wanted Tosa, so later in the game I was able to open it. But I wasn’t able to execute my plan for Tosa earlier, because Michał didn’t want to pay out dividends from Iyo. I think that because of that I wasn’t able to win that game 🙁

When I ran Tosa, Marcin opened TKT, Michał Uwajima and Dean Awa in few SR’s. Dean wasn’t able to run his trains on long routes because many directions were blocked, and that’s why his companies didn’t make so good income. But, his companies payed out dividends in every OR and their prices incresed on stock market. Thankfully he was able to buy permament trains “5” for both of his companies. And because of that he wasn’t able to do anyting more in this game, and last few OR’s was boring for him.

But we weren’t bored, especially me when I had to rust my train “3” and then train “4”… I was preparing my company to buy another train but not yet… My Tosa was prepared to run diesel but I had only money to buy “6” 🙁 That’s why Tosa withold dividends 3 times and then I switched “6” into diesel.

The most happy was Marcin because his 2 companies already had train “5” and Diesel, and he was able to buy one more diesel. So finally he had diesel in TKT and “5” and diesel in Sanuki. At the end of the game Sanuki made 900 income, and Marcin had 60% of it’s shares…

Time of play:

3 hours 30 minutes


Dean Michał from Olkusz Marcin (Magole) Elemele
Cash 2957 3829 3524 2632
In shares 3205 2005 2825 1565
SUM 6162 5834 6349 4197

1836jr v30

We had enough time to play next 18xx title, and because of time and simple rules we decided to put 1836jr on the table. After quick preparation we started auction round, and to be honest it was hard time for me since I had to buy the most expensive company (which give you president’s certificate of Nord). I had to, because nobody wanted it, and I got less money than others from privates.

The beginning of the game was also hard for me, because I had no money to start my own company. So, as I did in 1889 before, this time I also invested in others companies. This time in Dean’s HSM and in Michał’s Etat. I was afraid about Michał because in 1889 he didn’t pay out dividends, but this time he did. Since I needed cash for my Nord (because I set price 90) it was good situation for me. Marcin opened NFL.

Because Michał blocked middle of the map I wanted to open NBDS and manage to connect to Amsterdam and using my CdH private company I wanted to teleport one station to the south. But in the next SR Michał was before me, and he bought NBDS president’s certificate. After that I had no choice beause I was last in SR and Dean opened GCL and Marcin was trying to steal my Nord! That’s why I was pushed to buy 50% of Nord shares. I was trying to do best with what I had, so I managed to round Michał’s blockage and I also sold CdH to Nord.

GCL which was opened by Dean wasn’t a good investment, because there was no free “OO” tiles and I (my Nord ;)) also blocked his way. But we warned Dean before we started, that GCL is not easy to manage 😉 Michał also did few mistakes. He was thinking, that we doesn’t care about NBDS but we does care about it 😉 He didn’t make connection for this company because he doesn’t want to buy train. And in the next few OR he was pushed to rust and remove his train in Etat… In this moment he doesn’t had trains in both of his companies and he also controled only presiden’t certificate of NBDS. Dean, me and Marcin had 10% each of NBDS shares, and 20% was on stock market, and… the stock price was in brown area…

So Michał was forced to rescue his both companies, but he knew that he won’t benefit from this train in NBDS. Dean was lucky guy, because he was first in the following SR and he bought this 2 NBDS shares and become a new president. For Michał it was highway from heaven to hell 😉

Time of play:

3 hours 40 minutes


Dean Michał from Olkusz Marcin (Magole) Elemele
Cash 2501 1179 2769 2229
In shares 2287 700 2144 2174
SUM 4788 1879 4913 4403

After that play we had to say goodbye to Dean, because he must go for the bus to Krakow. He played 2 titles with us, and in both he ended at second place – not bad for a new 18xx player 🙂 See you soon Dean!
But it wasn’t end of 18xx for us, because we wanted to play more and more 😉


Dean leaves us and we decided to put 18Mex on the table. After first play I was impressed, and to get ahead I can tell you, that I love this game even more 🙂 Maybe because I won? 😉

Auction round was fast, and I bought two minor companies A & B, Michał bought C and Marcin bought last private which gave him 20% of NdM. In few words – I controlled east coast, Michał north, and Marcin was trying to control middle of the map. I love to have minor A and Texas-Mexican Railway – they can perfectly work together. But in my opinion all companies are well ballanced, but so far I have no opportunity to play with them 🙂

The best moment of our play was, when Marcin dumped on Michał Mexican Central with 2 trains “4”. I and Michał were surprised but that was Marcin’s plan to try to bankrupt Michał. How? He already had 3 companies and Mexican Central was his fourth company! And he needed to buy train 4D to all his companies in next few OR’s. But what is more funny – Michał did it and he bought 4D trains to all his companies! But doing so, he spent almost all his private money. That’s why he can’t even think to win with me, since I had many good shares with great income. The best was NdM controlled by Marcin (he had 50%), but I had 40% of it’s shares. And at the end of the game NdM made more than 800 income in one OR…

So, one more time 18Mex showed me that it is a great game with many different ways to win, with great and ballanced map, where till the end something is going on. With great private companies, with great minors. For me, everything is great in this game 😉

Time of play:

3 hours 30 minutes


Michał from Olkusz Marcin (Magole) Elemele
Cash 2051 2246 3307
In shares 2725 1840 2865
SUM 4776 4086 6172

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  1. Świetnie napisane relacje – można poczuć emocje, które towarzysyły wam przy stole.
    Ehh, żałuję, że nie mam lepszego dojazdu z Warszawy – w kontekście 18xx to bardzo ironiczny problem…

  2. A może w czerwcu uda Ci się przyjechać na Pionek, gdzie znów będziemy organizować SilesiaRailCon z 18xx? Pełne dwa dni grania tylko w osiemnastki, 9-10 czerwiec

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