18 India with Our Trays

We are delighted to introduce our collection of trays designed specifically for “18 India.”

In this set, we have incorporated our Standard USA Card holders. These holders can accommodate up to 43 cards. However, when all the certificates, trains, and other cards are half the size of the Standard USA Cards, you can fit twice as many cards inside the trays! We were thrilled with the outcome, and since it’s a popular choice, we have developed two sets for this game. One set is dedicated solely to holding track tiles and tokens, while the other can also accommodate cards.

To complement the set, we’ve created track stickers that will assist you in organizing everything within the trays and the game box. This addition is a must-have for many 18xx gamers!

Take a look below to see how the set fits perfectly inside the game box.

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  1. I have sleeved my cards to make them raiser to shuffle. Will they still fit in the card holders?

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