Railways of the Lost Atlas – A New and Unique 18xx Game on Kickstarter

We are excited to share a link to the latest Kickstarter campaign for the new 18xx game called ‘Railways of the Lost Atlas’.

This game is set to be released by the newly created company, Asterisk Games.

One of its standout features is a unique aspect—an adaptable, modular map that is constructed at the beginning of the game. This allows players to create a map tailored to their desired gaming experience and available time, whether it’s a quick micro game or a more extensive session.

You still have 13 days left to become a part of this project, and you can find the campaign link here: Railways of the Lost Atlas on Kickstarter.

The game is beautifully illustrated, and we recommend taking a look even if you aren’t typically interested in such games.

From our perspective:

  • Since the game map can vary each time you play, Railways of the Lost Atlas is not tied to any specific region, country, or city. It doesn’t draw from real historical settings like many other 18xx games.
  • We thoroughly enjoy replaying the same title, becoming intimately familiar with the map and mastering all its intricacies and strategies. Sometimes, it takes multiple playthroughs to discover the best locations and identify potential pitfalls. For instance, in 1817NA, there’s a corner with several cities that may initially seem highly profitable, but after a few games, we learned it can be a trap, and we now steer clear of it. Getting to know the map deeply is a significant part of the experience we gain in each game. Therefore, I believe that this new title may be particularly well-suited for newcomers to the 18xx genre or for mixed groups of players with varying levels of experience.

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