1822CA trays and sticker set

This is the second title from the last AAG wave for which we have prepared a set of our trays with stickers (the first one was 1860). You will need 6 trays to sort all the items! Five for tracks tiles, while the last tray is for companies’ wooden tokens.

This set with stickers also contains 2 tokens and stickers to mark those tiles on the map that have the A or B symbol, but the first yellow track built there covers the letter because it is regular and only in the green stage of the game, it is upgraded to the green equivalent of A or B.

Link to the shop: https://cube4me.com/product/1822ca/

In the near future, we will prepare sets for the remaining titles, but first of all, we have to replenish the stock of trays in the warehouse. We are currently waiting for the order to be completed at the new manufacturer. Next update soon…

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