A new episode of the podcast from Train Rush

If you want to hear Craig singing, be sure to listen to the new episode of Train Rush. This, of course, is only an encouragement to listen to it.

This time guys are discussing three titles that are not exactly 18xx: Chicago Express, American Rails & Luzon Rails, but they are the basis for referring to the very controversial topic of copying game mechanics. A really interesting discussion.

And my note: in terms of production, I have to admit that Train Rush is doing a great job. You can hear that they have a plan for the entire episode and they leave nothing to chance, but that’s not all, because the quality of the recordings beats most podcasts, and listening to Train Rush is pure pleasure.



1 thought on “A new episode of the podcast from Train Rush”

  1. I agree, Train Rush is fantastic. It is one of my favorite pod cast, and that is for all categories of pod casts.

    That said, most train pod casts do have something to bring to the table, as they do it a little differently.

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