Who is already playing face-to-face?

I am lucky that I have been meeting my friends for a while and we play as always, but I know that it is not so good everywhere. Still not everyone can meet now, sometimes it’s a matter of the fact that the restrictions are still in progress, that some people have not been vaccinated yet, or some groups have simply split up. If someone was crazy about gaming, he would get back to meetings as soon as possible, but if someone treated playing as one of his many pastimes, he might be afraid of going out to strangers and breaking the ice again.

That’s why I wanted to ask, how is it with you? Do you continue playing online? Does your group still exist, or are you waiting longingly for the opportunity to meet?

I’m inviting you to the survey…

Do you play face-to-face already:
IF YES (I play already or I'm going to play):
IF NO (I played before the pandemic, but now I won't play because)
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