New colors and new sizes of our squares

12mm squares:

Recently, we have received a large delivery of tokens, including squares in the new 12mm size. We ordered them in all 24 colors but so far we got only 18 of them. We will have to wait a while for the others, now we have all the basic colors except green. As soon as we get this missing one, we already have an interesting idea how to use them 🙂

Lime color:

We have been impatiently waiting for the delivery of the lime color. It has been unavailable for a long time. Unfortunately, the pigment, which was prepared especially for our order, differed slightly from the one that was previously produced and we had to return the entire large batch of goods. A new color has been ordered and we hope it will match the one you already know.

New colors:

Together with this one, the next two colors were ordered: sky blue (pantone number: 2905C) and bright gray (pantone number: 5435C).

Download updated our colors list here.

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