1841 more about the financial part of this game

If you would like to know more about the mechanics of 1841, JCL recently described the financial bubble that we create in this game and what it means to the players.

More on JCL blog: https://kanga.nu/~claw/blog/posts/2020/09/10/on-1841/

3 thoughts on “1841 more about the financial part of this game”

  1. Poetic writeup by JCL. I hope Aleph’s reworking still resembles this game. Or that AAG will mass print 1841.

    1. It is still GSG game, maybe we will see some day new edition from Aleph, but it is still in development phase 🙁

      1. Yeah first Aleph will come this year with the 1947 KS. I’m curious how the development on 1843 and 1841+ is coming along though, and what direction it’s taking.

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