1840 Vienna Tramways – Draft rules first impressions

I was curious how it game will look likes when I’ve heard that there will be tramways instead of trains.
I wasn’t sure that I want something different from other 18xx titles and that’s why didn’t back that Lonny’s project at the beginning.

Thankfully Lonny posted draft of there rules, and below you’ll find key features which I foun there (hopefully I understad them well).
To be honest it will be so so different game, but I want to have it! Good job Lonny!

If you want to support Lonny go and back this project:

Game type (stock / engineering): 5% / 95%

Key features:

  • For 3-6 players
  • Sell-Buy in Share rounds
  • No PAR price
  • Dividend can be divided as director wants (multiple of 10G)
  • Share price may move up to 7 spaces (dividend >2500G)
  • Playing order in regular rounds ⇒ player with most money gets priority
  • Cycle of 3 rounds: Share Round ⇒ Tramway Round ⇒ Line Round
  • No bankruptcy ⇒ no money? Take loan then (+100G loan card ⇒ -200G at the end)
  • In Line’s turn (not mandatory) ⇒ one build/upgrade + build Stadtbahn track (and bonus action) + place station marker
  • Unlimited bank, ends at the end of TR6

More info:

  • Each player will (and MUST) control only 1 company (Tramway Company) (1x 50% share, 5x 10% shares). Rest companies are removed from play.
  • Buying presidents share (50%) opens company (which gets 10x initial price)
  • Max. 60% in one company
  • One company may control up to 3 lines (but could buy 1 line per Tramway Round)
  • 18 lines in the game:
    • Auctioned in Tramway Round by Tramway Companies
    • Are used in Line Round
    • May lay or upgrade tracks, build stations
    • After buying Line, company could buy tramway and rearrange them among Lines
  • 5 different tramway types (divided by colors):
    • Tramways operate like Diesels from typical 18xx game
    • Never rust, but maintanace cost for old tramways will rise
    • Company is able to remove old tramway
    • Some tramways (not bought) could be removed from game at the beginning of Tramway Round
    • Company could buy tramway if have empty Line to put it there, then Tramway Company could rearrange tramways among all it’s Lines
    • Tramway Company must buy a tramway if doesn’t have any. President can help to buy better type even Company is able to buy cheaper one.
  • Stadtbahn companies:
    • 4 in game
    • 10x 10% shares
    • No presidency
    • Never lay track, never buy tramway
    • Runs on pre-printed patchways
    • Pay out all income
    • In TR 4 revenue is multiplied by 2, in TR5 by 3, and in TR6 by 10
  • 6 Private companies
    • Each one owns one of the Vienna’s landmarks
    • Pay out dividend
    • May be voluntarily returned to Bank (gives to player face value from Bank)
    • May be sold to Tramway Company (price between 1 and face value)
    • Gives 20G from Tramway Company which runs through that landmark

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