1862 set finally ready

After long time of waiting I can show you our new 1862 set. It is really a big one. The biggest from all previous ones.

What is inside:

  • 40 x 15mm discs (20 colors) to mark the Stock Market Price and IPO Price
  • 40 x 12mm cylinders (20 colors) to mark the Home Station and to track the Revenue
  • 140 x 12mm discs (20 colors) as station tokens
  • 18 x 15mm discs (3 colors) to train permits (freight, local and express)
  • 12 x 10mm discs (black) as small stations
  • 8 x 10mm discs (2 colors) to indicate which companies were unavailable
  • sticker to correct the gameboard

New set (from 2021-03-15) includes new colors (20), in our opinion the best match is as follows:

Old set (2020-10-26) includes such token colors (20), in our opinion the best match is as follows:

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16 thoughts on “1862 set finally ready”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Nice looking work. However, regarding the small stations.

    You can’t upgrade the tile adjacent to the sea and London beyond yellow, so you don’t need a small station token for this.

    However, you can use your upgrade to put a small station token onto an green or brown tile that already has a small station on one of its tracks. Which means you need to be able to lay more than twelve small stations.

    Maybe twelve small stations is a good compromise, but technically you need more. Not thirty-three, as there are small station hexes at the edges of the board that don’t upgrade past green, but certainly more than twenty-two.

    1. Thanks for your comment, there are already 12 small stations with labels, this same amount is in the GMT game, you suggest more, but how many exactly?

      1. Yeah, the game never lasts that long for people to be wasting their time (and money) upgrading track and then, instead of upgrading, laying down another small station…

  2. In your token sets, why does the diameter of the stickers appear to be exactly the same as the diameter of the wooden tokens? It is almost impossible to put stickers on round tokens perfectly, especially when you’re doing dozens at a time, so a millimeter or so of space from the sticker edge to token edge is desired. Without that, the stickers will end up off the edge of the token, and stickers in that state tend to get easily peeled off and damaged.

    1. The sticker diameter is 0,5mm smaller then the token size. I use a wallpaper knife for perfect sticking, did you try to stick them this way?

      1. I usually use an x-acto knife. A bunch of your photos don’t show any difference in sticker diameter vs token diameter, which is why I was concerned.

      2. I should say that my observations about sticker vs token diameter apply to other token sets as well, like your 1846 and 18CZ sets.

  3. The sticker sheets provided with 1861/1867 helped a lot when figuring out which stickers that goes with which token and company. Something I think you should consider to add to your sticker sheets to make it easier to get it right!

    1. When I will get my copy of 1861/67 then I will check how it looks, maybe it is a good idea.

      1. Sounds great! They had a color schema on the side of the sticker sheet were you could put the tokens and the name for the company that goes with the color. Made it pretty easy to figure it out even if the colors of the tokens were very similar. Just a thought 🙂

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