1862 voting is finished and the prize is won by …

We have recently finished the voting for the token graphics of the start stations markers. I didn’t expect it, but your choice was on graphics identical to the one prepared by GMT. If there left some space on the sheet, we will also prepare the second option, but we have not yet decided how it will look like. We anticipated the prize for participating in the vote: a full set to 1862 was won by martibm.


Currently you can order this set in a preorder with a 20% discount here. Final price will be probably bigger, because there will be extra tokens that we do not count yet.

We would like it to be ready till the end of November. We are still waiting for delivery of three new tokens colors from the manufacturer. We would also like to verify that the files we received from GMT are correct and our colors and print match those in the game. As soon as we confirm that everything looks as it should, the stickers will be printed. A lot depends on the printing house, but I hope that our new set should be ready by the end of the month.


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  1. Have you considered starting to make and sell PnP 18xx games? Most of the available to-buy games are from USA, and the shipping is steep. I have ordered some games from Marflow games but there are quite a few titles that are not available.

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