Sold out trains .. and new colors

Several of the trains colors in our store are sold out already. We ordered several hundred pieces only and for the first time I can write that something is sold out and will not come back to our offer.

Now we have 10 other colors of trains on offer and this is probably enough for each game or prototype.

However, very soon, we will be able to boast of three new colors, there will be: navy blue, gold and a lime. All new sizes of cylinders and discs will be available in new colors. We need these three colors to prepare the set to 1862. It will be as large as the set to 1883, so are you ready for a lot of sticking?

From now on you can preorder tokens in the new colors.  Link to the shop page.

Note: tokens with new colors will be delivered during the next 2 weeks, so they will be too late to add them to the order with local pickup at Belgian 18xx Conv. at Mechelen (29.11 – 1.12).

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