Sydney 18xx Con

First 18xx Con in Australia is coming…. Here is a text prepared by its promoter Andrew Rivett:

Why an 18xx Sydney Con?

Recently I went to a great three day board game convention with all types of games, but not a single 18xx game was being played. That’s despite quite a few players there who either had wanted to play their first 18xx or who had already played an 18xx and wanted to have a game.

I’d seen dedicated cons like Traxx start in the USA and I wanted to see something like that in Sydney.

So when I sat down for a game at the convention I started talking to the other players about this and all of us agreed that this is something we could make happen.

Luckily Behold Games was able to run the convention along with organising the venue and tickets so we’ve been able to concentrate on inviting people and organising the actual games.

Has something like this be done before in Australia?

There’s certainly been 18xx games at conventions in Australia, this is the first dedicated convention only for 18xx games in Sydney if not Australia. Hopefully 18xx games will continue to become even more of a feature at other cons. Hopefully 18xx Sydney Con can expand in years to come.

What games will be available to play there?

It’s open space gaming space gaming so if there’s players and a copy of a game then anything can be played.

At a minimum 1846, 1830, 1889 and 1822 will be available. I’m hoping for a 12 hour game of 1817 to get played.  Probably more games will be available or brought by participants.

I’m also prepared to give up my time to teach an entry level 18xx game (1889?) if there is a table of new players

Where can I find more info or buy ticket?

Right here:

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  1. To add to the list of games available for play, I can bring along some subset of 1817, 1844/54, 18Ireland, 1856, 18CZ, and PnPs of 1828, 1849 and 1861.

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