A big competition for our second anniversary

We are incredibly proud that our blog is two years old. We started as a blog intended for Polish readers, mainly to make games from the 18xx series more popular here in Poland. In the meantime, what we have created has outgrown our initial plans several times. We have readers from around the world and our audience statistics have been growing from month to month. Thank you very much for being with us.

On this occasion, we would like to invite all the readers to the biggest competition we’ve announced so far. We had planned three prizes for the winners. This time, we would like to ask you for a text about your adventure with 18xx. How did it happen that you became interested in 18xx, how did you get into these games and why are you still here? Please make sure that your text is not shorter than 500 words and it is written in correct English. The last condition : exclusivity, we would like to publish it first, then you can print it and hang it on every visible place in your town 😉

All your texts will be put out on our blog (maybe not all at once), so if you want to keep your story secret, then this competition is not for you.

We have planned three prizes, but if it turns out that your texts are great and there are more texts than prizes, we will consider whether to fund additional consolation prizes.

We will choose the main finalist based on the ratings of the editors of the Rails on Boards blog. Each one of us (Marcin, Michał, Galatolol and Jon) will make his own list of which we will calculate the average rating. If any two or more texts will receive the same ratings, then we will only draw among them.

The main prize is a 1883 game. We will make sure that the person who receives it, also got a set of our markers for this game (they will be available in our store for a while).
2nd prize is our first player marker together with the box (or any set of stickers from our store).
3rd prize is any set of stickers with tokens from our store.

You have a month to write your story. We are waiting until the 16th of June. Send to: marcin [at] thisdomain

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