1883 – Map art!

Aleph Game Studio published final version of map art and… I really like it 🙂
Additionally you can see final cover art which was published few days ago. And what do you think about this art?

4 thoughts on “1883 – Map art!”

  1. The stock market could be corrected, the values are in the middle of the field and tokents will always cover them.

  2. at least prices are the same along diagonals, in 1830 it was especially problematic as you had no other way to check a price below tokens

  3. The irregular shape and font size of the off board destinations is very distracting. Why are we so fascinated with sepia tone? It makes everything look like poop. And, naturally, the “realistic” track is ugly and will earn some spite from the target audience.

    It’s like there’s an evil cabal of graphic designers intent on screwing up 18xx.

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