How does it look? 1880 China

Are 18xx games ugly? Look at this gallery and judge yourself.

Game: 1880 China
Edition : Leonhard “Lonny” Orgler 2017 Essen Edition
Year: 2010
BGG link:

The Box:

All game components:

Main map:

Stock table:

Board for storing the trains and the building permits:

Board for storing the shares (with mayday sleeves):

All tiles:

Tiles and tokens on the map:

With new tokens will looks like that:


Companies charters:

Companies charters (small protection):

Private companies:

Priority marker:

In my original copy the tiles were a bit different but I found it easier to make them anew in ps18xx than to cut what I got. Original ones:

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    1. Tak, są łatwiejsze do zmiany i obserwacji na planszy (nie mówiąc o tym że są łatwiejsze do wycięcia), grube niczego nie wnoszą do gry.

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