Map of the Railway Network of Japan and Korea from 1927

A few days ago I discovered this map on the MapPorn site, and I think it is interesting enough to share it.
Especially that one where you can find region from one of the best-known and one of the best 18xx games which is 1889: History of Shikoku Railways.

The whole map:


And map from 1889 looks like that (bigger version):

and the original map:

Not all railway lines were built at that time, look at the legend:


You can also compare map from 1890 – Osaka region (bigger version):

with this one:

but there are so many other games with the regions of Japan:

1886 Micha Bear Cub
1891 Toryo Hojo
1897 Tatsuya Kamioka
1899 Dirk Clemen
18Oki Phil Sbszine
18TK Ukkari Honpo
18SY Toryo Hojo

I would like to know all of them one day 🙂

Maps from 1889 and 1890 games come from BGG and you can find them there in printable version.

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