How does it look? 1846: The Race for the Midwest

Are 18xx games ugly? Look at this gallery and judge yourself.

Game: 1846: The Race for the Midwest
Edition : GMT Games
Year: 2016
BGG link:

The Box (heavy and save place to all game elements):

All game components:

The board: really thick and great looking:

Nice design elements:

Many informations are on the board, you don’t need to look to instruction before play:

Stock market:

Tiles are very thick:

All tiles:

Cards: one of the best ever made in 18xx games, really thick ones:

And the trains:

Companies tokens:

Money, really nice, but better use poker chips:

Companies charters, very thin, you need to protect them:

Tiles are the same size as pattern on the board (some 18xx players prefer 5% smaller ones):

The revenue chart on board could have got better funcionality:

I prefer to use this one (you can download it here (

To protect companies charters you can use binding covers, fast and simple way, not only for 1846 😉

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