1947: The Big Game Enhanced by Our Tray Set

I believe this is one of the largest 18xx games ever published in a large print run. It is still available in many reputable stores, and I managed to purchase my copy for an excellent price of $99—though it was the last one!

Now, it’s time to share some photos of the game with our trays. Accommodating everything inside was not an easy task, but the final effect is much better than my initial attempt a few months ago with a friend’s copy.

The box closes perfectly, although my version is a retail copy and does not include very thick company charters.

We achieved a very good result with our card holders; they hold more cards than they should, making them difficult to close, but this is still a better solution than using zip-lock bags.

and we are happy to announce that we recently added our track tile stickers to this title. So, if you don’t want to solve the puzzle after the game, you can use these stickers to help you out 😉

Link: https://cube4me.com/product/1947/








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