New stickers to 1879, 18GB and 18VA

We’re working at full speed and constantly figuring out what else is missing in our 18xx offer. This time we’re excited to announce two new sets of track stickers. The first one, 18GB, matches the release by Golden Spike Games. The second set, 18VA, also applies to the GSG game. The title is not very popular, some malcontents say it is schematic, but this game has won my greatest appreciation among the titles I met in 2021. It’s a small and fast 18xx game that I’m sure many will enjoy.

We’ve also created a new set of stickers at the request of one of our customers. This set is for the relatively old game 1879, with the first edition being done by Winsome. While a newer edition has since been released, we believe that some people will still be interested in these stickers.

You can view the gallery of our new products below. We also have a request for our readers. I bought the game from Marflow Games in the version for my own lamination and cutting. Since it was easier for me to develop the tracks from scratch, I made them almost identical to the original ones. Unfortunately, I don’t know where I put the original tracks and I’m afraid that our stickers, which were based on my tracks, may have some errors. If someone has this title and can support us with a photo of the tracks, they will receive a free set of stickers for this game as a reward.

Similarly, we also need assistance from the owner of 18NY. We’re concerned that the rulebook may not be sufficient and we could use a picture of the original tracks. If you can provide this, we’ll also reward you with a free set of stickers for this game. Thank you for your help, and we hope you enjoy our new products!





2 thoughts on “New stickers to 1879, 18GB and 18VA”

  1. 18GB is scheduled for release this summer by All-Aboard Games, along with 18NY, 18SJ, 1822PNW, and 21Moon.

    I’m surprised you targeted the GS editions and not the AAG release. I have no idea how well they will match the GS versions. I’m sure they will be much nicer.

    1. Yes, I know about it. The stickers for the old edition will allow us to make only minor changes for the new release when it will be ready, during summer or probably later.

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