Full set to 1835 is ready!

We are proud to announce that we have finally created a set for one of the oldest 18xx games – 1835. This is the fourth game after 1829, 1830, and 1853, if we consider the release dates. Our set includes a set of wooden tokens, a set of stickers with track tiles, and a set of four trays to keep everything organized and ready to play.

It was challenging to fit everything inside the small box, but our set is quite special with only one lid, two trays with 20 compartments, and two trays with 12 compartments. Everything fits inside the game box very well, and we are proud of it. This is only possible with our trays!

You can check out the set on our website at this link: https://cube4me.com/product/1835/

If you’re interested, there’s a gallery on the shop page with every tray and its content. You can see how everything fits into the trays by looking at the pictures. We will soon have a dedicated page for this set on our Rails on Boards blog.

PS. The latest news is that we have just added beautiful train car tokens to our shop: https://cube4me.com/product/train-car-20x10x8mm/



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