And the winner is…

We are delighted to announce the winner of our New Year contest. It was a tough one, and we were thrilled to receive the first correct entry on the same day as the contest launch! We received 11 entries, 7 of which were correct. It’s great to see so many serious 18xx fans participating in our contest!

The correct answers were as follows: 

  • H – 1861/67: Railways of the Russian Empire & Railways of Canada (Grand Trunk Games, 2020)
  • A – 1830: Railways & Robber Barons (Lookout Games, 2018)
  • P – 1856: Railroading in Upper Canada from (Mayfair Games, 1995)
  • P – 1846: The Race for the Midwest (GMT Games, 2016 or 2021)
  • Y – 1849: The Game of Sicilian Railways (All-Aboard Games, 2021)
  • N – 18GB: The Railways of Great Britain (Deep Thought Games, LLC, Golden Spike Games, 2018)
  • E – 18Ireland (All-Aboard Games, 2016)
  • W – Harzbahn 1873 (All-Aboard Games, 2021)
  • Y – 1883: Building Railroads in Northern Italy (Aleph Game Studio, 2019)
  • E – 1880: China (Lookout Games, 2022)
  • A – 1824: Austrian-Hungarian Railway (Second Edition) (Fox in the Box/Lonny Games, 2019)
  • R – 18Rhl: Rhineland (Marflow Games, 2007)

All of our contributors had a chance to be the winner, and we drew two consolation prizes from the pool of good entries. The main prize, a $50 coupon for our store, was drawn from the pool of correct entries. And the winner is Craig Coffin!

The two consolation prizes, each a $25 voucher, are going to Cheung Michael and Macgyver Orca.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Link to the video of the prize draw:

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