1862 with new card boxes is even better!

This title was the biggest challenge for us. The quantity of items in the game box is exceptional and we have changed the suggested tray set several times. An almost perfect set was created over a year ago. We then added two small boxes to it, which perfectly fit part of the square markers. Our boxes have recently undergone a small redesign and we were delighted to discover that they now hold all the square markers. As the boxes are smaller (we have reduced the wall thickness and the edge width), there is more space left in the box. This makes it easier to organize everything and the lid of the game box closes perfectly.

Below you can see pictures with new boxes in the lead role.

Important note: these boxes were unavailable for a while and we were offering a tray set for this game without them (July – September 2022). Of course, it was cheaper, but if you got such a set, then we have a proposition for you. With your next order, if you buy at least one box and write in the comments that you have a set without these boxes or an old one, we will add one box to your package for free!

Link to the shop: https://cube4me.com/product/standard-usa-cards-tray-1-compartment/



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