The second edition of the biggest 18xx convention in Poland

We are just after the second edition of ‘Osiemnastkon’. It was big fun to play 18xx games for the whole 3 days with gamers from all over our beautiful country.

In summary, there were 26 attendees on the most ‘crowded’ day (Saturday). And there were 7 tables for the gamers.

We could play everything that you could imagine:

  • games for fun like 1857 with 6 people
  • games for novities like 18Chesapeake
  • games for experienced players like 1817
  • games focused on the operational part, like 18DO
  • new editions like 1880 or 1822PNW
  • Polish prototypes: 18PL and 1894
  • foreign prototypes: 18EUS and 1871
  • great classics: 1830

Everyone could find something for themselves. Maybe the biggest problem was the number of games we wanted to play, but there wasn’t enough time and we had to postpone the plans for the next time.

My best memory will be the 1836jr game, where I went bankrupt playing with two new players! It was not my only bankruptcy, because I had another one playing 1830.
I played 18DO for the first time, which combines euro elements with 18xx. I will describe my impressions of this game in a separate post.
I had very successful games in 1832 and 18EUS. I am also happy because I had the opportunity to test the design of the new graphics for 1836jr once again and some corrections have already hit Jarek’s desk 😉
A full list of the games played at the convention can be found below with a large number of photos. Many thanks to the organizers and all the great players I met. The world of 18xx is wonderful.
Another convention in half a year in Rzeszów.

All games played during the convention:

  • 1882 x 4
  • 1830 x 3
  • 1848 x 3
  • 1836jr x 2
  • 1849 x 2
  • 1857 x 2
  • 1894 (prototype) x 2
  • 18MEX x 2
  • 1817 x 1
  • 1822 x 1
  • 1822PNW x 1
  • 1828 x 1
  • 1832 x 1
  • 1841 x 1
  • 1846 x 1
  • 1862 x 1
  • 1871 x 1
  • 1880 x 1
  • 1889 x 1
  • 18DO x 1
  • 18EUS x 1
  • 18NEB x 1
  • 18PL (prototype) x 1

4 thoughts on “The second edition of the biggest 18xx convention in Poland”

  1. Been there, seen that 🙂 Great meeting, indeed.
    Thank you Marcin for your company in Kraków and for this richly illustrated report!

  2. Do I see a copy of 18CO in the pictures as well?

    By the way, there’s an amusing translation mistake in the title of this post. A “convent” is where nuns live, or to be more precise, a Christian community of nuns living together under monastic vows. The word you need here is “convention”.

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