Standard Card Trays – back in stock!

We can finally inform you that these small neat boxes are now available! Our requirements were very high, but the manufacturer managed them. Everything works perfectly and the new card trays fit the sizes we have come up with.

They are slightly smaller than the previous ones. We narrowed the walls and corners. This allows you to put 8 boxes side by side on the bottom of a standard GMT box!

Or three trays side by side on the short edge of the box. In the second solution, you can use one of our trays with 12 compartments and next to it there is a perfect place for at least 3 card boxes.

The new boxes are available in two sizes.

  • The taller box is 16mm tall and can hold 42 standard-size cards.
  • The lower box is 10mm high and holds 28 cards. We checked the numbers on thick GMT cards and we left a little space in the box. So you can push in a few more cards there. Our closures work perfectly, so when you hear a characteristic click, you can be sure that it will not open 🙂

The cards without sleeves fit perfectly in our boxes. There is still a place for a finger in them, with which we can lift the card and take it out of the box. However, we know that a lot of people are sleeving cards, so we tested 8 different types of sleeves. All of them are dedicated to standard card sizes, but not all of them fit perfectly into our boxes. Only two types fit easily in the box. The remaining sleeves are folded at the edges or at the corners. You can put them in the box, but to take them out, we suggest using a simple sticky note, as below.

So we suggest that you buy sleeves together with the boxes that fit perfectly.

There are two types:

  • Rebel CCG Sleeves 63,5x88mm
  • Gamegenic CCG Inner Sleeves 64x89mm

The others we tested are: 

  • Arcane Tinmen Non-Glare Standard Sleeves 63x88mm
  • Mayday Standard CCG Ultra-Fit 63,5×88 mm
  • Portal (63×88 mm) Standard CCG
  • Rebel (63,5×89 mm) CCG Longsleeve Premium
  • Ultimate Guard Precise-Fit Side-Load 63,5×89 mm
  • Ultra-Pro Premium 63,5×88 mm

As usual, new products in our store are available at a promotional price. Therefore, by the end of the month, all card trays are 20% cheaper. You can buy sleeves 10% cheaper.


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