18Cuba and 1888-N(north) are coming…

The first title (18Cuba) will be available in December on Kickstarter. It looks like a small game and tells a fictional story about railroading in Cuba. The game features six large companies and a state company, which operates with discarded trains and fixed stations on the map. Sugar plantations are represented by small companies and special tiles that produce sugar cubes, which can be picked up by the large companies with special railroad cars and add to their income by ferrying them off at a port. Although the state railway controls most of the station tokens, you can pay it off and use them for your own company.
We will inform you when the time comes…

The second one 1888-N(North) will probably be available in January 2023. This one will be a part of a bigger game and it will cover all of China. We played it once already and I described my first impression here:


More details:



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