1883: our set to the new edition of this game is ready!

Along with the new title 1947 India, the second edition of 1883 came out along with a very extensive erratum to the first edition. It contains a new map, instruction, all Charters, hint boards, corrected track tiles and wooden markers (with stickers) to mark concessions on the map, and finally cubes to mark mountains. In short, a lot.

At the same time, our supplement, which contained fixes for the first release, is no longer needed. We have modified it to include only those elements made of cardboard in both editions. All tokens for public and private companies remain in it. We changed the colors for the concessions to match the colors in the new second release (half of them have the new color). We’ve added new tokens for the new cardboard items marked +5, +10, and +15 (we don’t know how to use them in the game yet).

If you have our previous add-on and repair kit from the publisher, then we also have a mini-add-on for you, just with the items that changed between the first and second one.

Only 3 pieces of plexiglass (and the last ones)

For this game, we have prepared a unique add-on in the form of plexiglass of different thicknesses, which is to imitate the mountains. This add-on was made before the pandemic and we now have the last 3 pieces left. Unfortunately, since then, plexiglass has become very expensive, and we have been selling this accessory at the production price, so we are not planning to renew it.

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