Our sale countinues – new update…

Our sales continue – new updates…

Only 5 days left to celebrate the first year of our new Cube4me shop!

During the last few days we added:

  • our trays solutions to seven new war games: 
    • Commands & Colors: Medieval LINK
    • Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles LINK
    • Enemy Action: Kharkov LINK
    • Field Commander: Alexander LINK
    • Here I Stand LINK
    • Twilight Struggle (English deluxe edition) LINK
    • White Eagle Defiant: Poland 1939 LINK
  • the set of trays and track tiles stickers to 1828 LINK
  • the set of stickers and tokens to the new edition of 1883, plus a mini-add if you have our old set and the new upgrade LINK
  • 8 new wooden tokens shapes of our meeples (still waiting to add to the shop)! SOON

We are constantly waiting for the right number of orders to start producing T-shirts. Now we have collected almost half of the 50 pieces we need to order. We have made a decision that the T-shirts will not be available for sale after the first print.
If we collect the right number of orders, we will only produce this amount. If there are fewer orders, we will probably order a few more t-shirts to reach the limit of 50, and then this excess production will be available until it is sold out. However, the limit will be not big, if you want to get a specific size and choose one of the three colors, it’s best to do it now.

Link to the t-shirt: LINK

Don’t forget to use the coupon ‘FIRSTBIRTHDAY‘, it is giving a 20% discount on purchases. The coupon is valid until the end of August 2022.

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