It is our birthday!

Our CUBE4ME shop is one year old now! On this occasion, we have prepared a coupon ‘FIRSTBIRTHDAY‘ for all our customers, giving a 20% discount on purchases. The coupon is valid until the end of August 2022.

We launched the store on August 15, 2021. And a lot has happened during this time.

1. Then we were shortly after renting a new room for our warehouse, which at the beginning was very empty. This year, our new office was opened and our warehouse turned out to be a bit too small.

2. We welcomed Olga to our team, who impressed us at the first meeting with the statement “it is not an ordinary job”!

3. We changed the manufacturer of the trays. Now we are sure of the timeliness and the implementation of even the craziest ideas is in sight.

4. We have established cooperation with The Boardgames Chronicle. It turned out that our trays perfectly fit wargames!

5. We have added a really impressive amount of 18xx stickers and game sets to our store.

This is only a small part of our success, you can read about all the others by following our blogs:

I think you will be interested in what new we have added to our store recently, as always, the full list can be found here:

  • Until the end of the month, you can pre-order our first T-shirt. We don’t know yet, what will happen next. Will they be permanently included in our offer? It depends on you 🙂
  • stickers for games such as: 1822CA (upgrade), 1828, 1837, 1853, 1947;
  • trays sets for the next 8 wargames;
  • over 20 brand new wooden tokens shapes: new meeples (agents, large meeples, settlers), resources (barrels, cheese), pawns, and more;
  • Unfortunately, we did not manage to make the new production of card boxes. The prototype needed some do-over and we are waiting for the next version. They will be ready by the end of August and production will start in September at the earliest.

The graphics for our first game is almost ready. We are going to test the game at a board game convention in Poland in September.

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