Stickers with track tiles to 18Mag are ready. How to play when the other side has a different track.

This is something new in the 18xx world. For the first time, there is a game, where tiles have a different track on the other side. There are 24 types of track tiles with this novelty. 

How to play?

First solution:
You need to memorize them. This way you will always know what is on the other side. I know that there are a few people who are ready to do that. Some of the players know the numbers of track tiles and they can say during the game: “Could you give me 15”. Yep, if you are a game designer then it is possible. But it is not for me.

Second solution:
You can play on a glass table with a big mirror under it. If you do it, please send me a photo!

Third one:
You can use our trays and stickers. I know that our trays are transparent, so you can close them to easily check what is on the other side, but I have a better solution. We designed special stickers for this game. Every one of them shows you what is on the other side of the tile. Now you only need to stick the stickers and play! 

Every track (double-sided) has a minimum of 2 copies, so you can split it between 2 compartments to use our stickers. See photos below of how it works 🙂

Link to the shop:

Together with this set, there are three stickers with the letter “K” (tokens too) to mark those tiles that are standard yellow ones and will be upgraded to green ones with the “K” track tile.

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