18USA – new big set with tokens is ready

This is the upgraded version of 1817, one of our favorite games ever. Very demanding game but worth trying, and the set we created was like this game, not easy to prepare but finally very satisfying.

We created a separate set of tokens and tray stickers for the whole game and a second one to the addon to 1817.

If you have the expansion to 1817 (small box) then we can offer you a set of trays with stickers. On every sticker, there is the number of tiles from the addon. So after the game, it will be easy to sort the game to separate boxes.
For the first time, there are also stickers to mark tray compartments where all the tokens should be put after the game!
You can also buy a set of tokens for private companies and squares to replace the cardboard chits from the game.
Link to the shop: https://cube4me.com/product/18usa-expansion/

If you have the full game then we have for you everything as described above (only the stickers with track tiles are different) plus two sets with tokens and stickers for all companies (full set or mini one).
The full set contains all tokens (stations, revenue, and a set of 3 tokens dedicated to the stock exchange). If the company is 2-share only then we designed a double-sided 12mm disc. If it is a 5-share then you can replace it with a 12mm cylinder (also with 2 stickers for every side), if it is a 10-share company then you will get a big 15mm cylinder (with stickers). This way you will always know which company is which size.
In this set, there are also stations, because not every token color in the original game is the same as from our palette.
In the mini set, there are no stations, and all the tokens are in colors similar to the tokens from the game. But we cannot match them perfectly so there might be small differences.
We tried to match them as best as we could, but there were a few variances and we were in trouble when we need to decide about the color. Some companies in the original game have three different colors: the first one is on the company charter, the second one is on the certificates and the third different one is on the tokens. We decided to match the token one. But this trouble was with 5 or more companies like B&O or Southern Pacific Railways.
Finally, both sides of our tokens will have stickers, so the small difference in colors should be not a big problem.
Link to the shop: https://cube4me.com/product/18usa-full-game/

Small set:

Tokens colors comparison (on the bottom are the original from 18USA):

Tiles stickers to the expansion:

Big set:

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