We support Ukraine – part 2

It’s hard to go back to normal daytime activities when there’s a war going on in the country nearby. A war during which the fate of our country is decided. If Ukraine wins, the threat from Russia all over Europe will be much smaller, then we will have a wonderful democratic country on our border and with time everything will be as it used to be. If Russia wins, the iron curtain will fall across our border and an arms run will begin. There will be a line between freedom and enslavement. That is why I am constantly watching and supporting the Ukrainians a lot. They are fighting for Poland too, for my country.

The first forecasts were clear: Ukraine will collapse in 2-3 days. Meanwhile, we are in the fourth week of the war and I hear more and more often about the possibility that Ukraine has a chance to be a free country.

For me and most of the free world, Ukraine has already won in the field of the image. Everyone probably knows where Ukraine is by now, and if you are not sure, I think you will check it soon because I have prepared a list of the most interesting tweets from the last week to cheer up your hearts.

And I promise the next posts will be about 18xx.

It looks dangerous, but in the real life, it was very surprising:

and another one:

Would you like to own your private defense system?

Women in the Ukrainian army:


Ukrainian soldiers after hours:

Ukrainian soldiers are waiting for Russian tanks:

The smile of children on the Polish border is priceless:

The messages from people of the world:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Jamie Hyneman:

Jack Nicholson

Boardgames designers:

Diplomats from European countries:

Full video from Zelensky to U.S. Congress, only for adults (the second part of it)!

All of those and many more you can see on my private Twitter:

And some extremely successful memes or pictures:

Glory to Ukraine!

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