We support Ukraine

We are shocked by the recent events and the war that mad Putin has started. Our country is adjacent to Ukraine and we are trying to help our neighbors in need.

Yesterday we sent our financial support to two foundations that help Ukraine.
The first of them: https://zrzutka.pl/razemdlaukrainy/ is currently collecting money for bulletproof vests and other equipment.
The second one: https://pomagam.pl/solidarnizukraina, will transfer the collected funds to Ukrainian humanitarian aid organizations. People working there know best what support Ukrainians need in these difficult times.

We are closely monitoring the situation and we are ready to help, especially here in Poland. Within a few days, over 200,000 people came to our country (refugees from Ukraine). We are proud to observe the great help that our compatriots give to the Ukrainians. More people are willing to help, ready to sacrifice, offer transport, food, medical care and donate a part of their apartment than those in need, but we know that these needs might be greater every day.

We have a small apartment, but we are also ready to help. We are watching the situation.

If you want to help, the best options are:
1. Come back alive. An organization that works directly with the command and personnel of military units, buys infrared thermal imaging cameras, night vision goggles, hemostatic dressings, etc.
2. Army SOS. An organization that manages the procurement of essential ammunition, shields, communications, and reconnaissance equipment.
3. Hospitallers. This is a medical support team working directly at the front.
4. Phoenix Wings. It is an organization that provides adequate equipment and uniforms. He also collects money for the necessary treatment of wounded soldiers and the renovation of buildings used by the army.
5. Ukrainian Veterans Women’s Movement. This group of female veterans organizes, among others preparation for actions in crisis and defense situations.
6. Vostok SOS. Fundraising for the various needs of the army is organized here.
7. Voices of children. An organization supporting children harmed by the war.

The most recent source of information is NEXTA (The largest Eastern European media) https://twitter.com/nexta_tv
You can support NEXTA via:
PayPal: http://paypal.com/paypalme/NEXTA
Patreon: http://patreon.com/nexta_tv/

This way, your support will reach those in need directly, without any additional payment brokers fees.

We are proud of the Ukrainian nation and we want to stop the war!

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