Small Tiles Tray back on stock

After a short break, our trays designed to small track tiles are available again.

We decided to change the manufacturer, so those trays will be a little different. The lid will change a bit and now it will be more transparent. This way you can see the contents of the tray more clearly.

The new tray will be available for purchase individually or as a set in titles with small tracks: 1822, 1822MX, and 1822CA.
In those titles where the set consists of different trays, such as 1844, 1862, or 18DO, the existing tray with a matte lid will still be added. This way, all the trays in the set will be similar to each other.

In the future, we plan to produce all trays at the new manufacturer. This process is very expensive and we have to pay for the cost of preparing the molds again, but thanks to this we will be able to return to more complex projects, such as the production of an extra-low tray. Keep your fingers crossed.


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