Boxes to your PnP games are ready

We are proud to announce, that our first PnP game box is ready!

The box fits A4 paper! It is this same height as AAG boxes and a little less deep than the standard GMT box (our is 2.7” deep and the GMT one is 3” deep).

The box is very solid and it was the biggest problem when we were looking for the manufacturer. The thick cardboard is much more expensive these days and we were looking for 3 months to find the manufacturer with not too big production cost and high quality. But I’m sure you will be positively surprised by the result. Its quality is the same as AAG or GMT boxes, so it means thick cardboard and a very good look.

We decided to produce two white options: glossy and matte.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The matte version does not shine, which can be an advantage if you want to cover it with matte stickers. However, it is sensitive to scratches. If you have any AAG boxes on your shelf, a matte box will be made similarly.
The glossy version is very resistant to scratches and stains. It is very similar to the manufacture of GMT boxes.

They are ready to buy. Till the end of the month, you can buy it at a 20% discount. Link:

Last note: we will have a break from February 20 till the end of the month. Due to a winter break and we want to make the best of it. All orders from this period will be processed upon our return to the office.

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