Contest: how was your year?

Do you have regular meetings with 18xx games? Do you keep statistics and do you know what games you played? Then you can help us in writing the next article. We want to summarize the year 2021 and we would like to know a little about what you liked the most? What games have you played the most often? Why are these titles so often on your table? Among the people who will take part in this article, we will draw one prize, a $50 discount coupon for our store.

Your task is this:

  1. List all 18xx titles you played last year and how many times you played these games.
  2. List the titles from the above list that you played for the first time.
  3. What titles from point 2. did you like the most and why? Justify it with at least two sentences.
  4. Add at least one photo from some game to the text, which will be suitable for publication (I hope it’s not too difficult?).

We are waiting for answers until December 28. Write to

I was wondering whether to impose a minimum limit on the number of games you have played as a criterion for participation in this contest, because what if someone played one game only?  Unfortunately, one game is not enough to be able to say something about your taste, even if you liked it terribly. It is not enough to say that you are an 18xx freak, and my request is addressed to such people. Therefore, the minimum number of different games you have played is 5 titles.

1 thought on “Contest: how was your year?”

  1. Email sent.
    Starting on end of 2020 journey with 18xx, this year was better.
    18 title on the shelf, but only 9 tested.
    2022 will be 18xx year 🙂

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