Help to choose my Christmas present

I still miss a few titles on the shelf among those already released.

I still haven’t played what I already have, but one more game will not make a difference 😉


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What would you choose from titles I don't have yet, help me to choose my Christmas present:
  • 18NewEngland
  • 18Mag
  • 18West
53 votes · 53 answers
857 days left to vote


5 thoughts on “Help to choose my Christmas present”

  1. Not that I’m prejudiced or anything, but I’d get 18West… 🙂

    Leaving aside the obvious self-interested aspects, 18West is a proven design with many sales and many plays. The other two, not so much.

    Also I consider it my best and most elegant design. As I explained to someone, it’s what I wanted 18US to be, and perhaps would have been if I’d known all the things I learned from designing it…

    1. Thank you Davit for your vote and comment. I have the 18West on my mind but 18New England has more votes, what to do? I need to buy the game soon!

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