Are you ready for game boxes?

We want to add to our offer game boxes. At the start, we want to add to our offer boxes with a size similar to a standard large GMT box. Then maybe there will be other sizes as well.
Our box will be as solid and nicely made as GMT boxes. We are thinking about its color right now. We want to order white and black boxes, but we do not exclude a box with a delicate pattern.

Here we are happy to hear your comments, what would you like to see in our store soon?
Thank you for all your suggestions and for responding to our survey.

In our store, together with the boxes, there will be a possibility to order a box with a print on request!

Which is your favourite pattern for empty game box (max 3):
  • White
  • Black
  • Pattern 1
  • Pattern 2
  • Pattern 3
  • Pattern 4
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3 thoughts on “Are you ready for game boxes?”

  1. One tool I would like to see in your shop, and that is those vaccum suction that can be used to pick up a tile on a board. It is sometimes hard to pick up a tile during upgrade if it is surrounded by other tiles. I have seen that sometimes at 18xx tables.

    1. I bought some off Amazon for my Splotter games (specifically Antiquity) but then thought of using for 18xx (specifically 1840 which is a tile-laying mess of a game) but found they didn’t work very well. You need to be incredibly precise and we found it caused just as much destruction as using fingers, but fingers were a lot quicker. Of course, if you’re group consists solely of surgeons, maybe your mileage will vary. 🤣

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