New and the biggest set ever to 18C2C

We got permission from the author of the game, Mark Frazier, to add a set of stickers and tokens to one of the biggest 18xx games, i.e. 18C2C, to our store. This set includes stickers for 34 companies! And a lot of other stickers too. It is the largest set we have prepared so far. We even had a problem fitting all the stickers on one large sheet.

The effect is amazing! You can check it on the shop site.

Jason helped us a lot with preparing the set, for which we are very thankful.

Link to the game page on BGG:
Link to the store:

2 thoughts on “New and the biggest set ever to 18C2C”

  1. How many games of 18C2C actually exist? Neither version of 18C2C was ever mass produced, and I can’t imagine many hand made games made it out the door before Mark stopped producing them due to unspecified family health issues, which also canceled a planned 2015 Kickstarter for 18C2C: Continental Empires. Either said health issues were never resolved, or Mark lost interest in 18C2C after they were, since 18C2C looks quite dead based on BGG posts. I’ve never seen a copy, or even heard a rumor of somebody owning a copy.

    1. I don’t know how many copies were created. BGG shows more than 100, so I expect that this number is doubled.
      I sold only a few tokens sets, much less than any other game set (even Winsome ones).

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