1836jr and track tiles

We are in the stage of developing the track tiles to this title and we are considering a few details. I have played this game more than 30 times and for a long time, I have played with all three main types of yellow cities, so in our games, there was #57 tile (straight plain yellow cities) but also #5 and #6 tile with sharp and gentle changes of direction at the cities. This is how we played from the very beginning and it was only the last few games that I played with the classic track tiles as they are in 1830: that is, with only one type of yellow city (#57 tile).

What does it change? In my opinion, a lot. This affects the possibilities of the companies that we launch at the beginning of the game, instead of one option, they have 3 variants to choose from, the greater the number of possibilities means a more varied game and a greater variety of different games. There are 6 companies in this game and as many as 4 of them build a tile with the city during their first OR. I played with the classic rules and in this version, the number of options for these companies decreased a lot. In fact, they had no option, they could put a straight track with the city and that was it. Meanwhile, if we give them a choice of 3 different yellow tiles with cities, then immediately, from the first move, the presidents of these companies will be able to decide what to do next.

I know from my experience that at least one of the companies (NFL) will almost always choose tile no. 6. This makes it more profitable and it is one of the companies we consider when we start the game.

The second company that will benefit from this option is GCL. This one is very difficult to play and the two closest neighbors make its life difficult from the very beginning. By starting with the number 5 tile, it has a better chance of getting to wealthy Amsterdam and making a better income.

We originally wanted to publish these changes as an additional in-game variant, but is it worth publishing something better as a variant? I think it’s worth giving players the best option as the main game right away. I consulted this with the author, David Hecht, and he confirmed that we decide what the game will look like. So you can expect some changes to this nasty little title, I hope you like it as much as we do.

Our project moves slightly in time. We would love to start a fundraiser, but we want to show you the final version of the game during it. We are still working on the artwork and there are still some elements to be refined. You already know what the train cards will look like, and it’s such a tiny piece of art. We would like other elements to be unique as well, and at the same time be legible, which is not easy, but we promise that we will not disappoint you.


7 thoughts on “1836jr and track tiles”

  1. I’m not a fan at all. There is a reason why many games don’t use #5 and #6. Having companies that aren’t as viable as others adds texture to the game.

    “So you can expect some changes to this nasty little title” – this change makes the game less nasty for sure.

    1. I was expecting opinions like this, but I’ve played the title too many times. I can see the difference between these small changes. This game is not like 1882 in that it may turn out that there are no yellow cities for all the companies. I perceive this change as an increase in the possibility of quick profits for companies, which results in faster game progress.
      But your comment is very important. We can mark these tiles as optional and not use them.

      1. If you decide to make direct changes to the game rather than introducing them as variants, then there should be a variant “resetting” the game to its original state.

        1. I’m inclined to agree with Galatolol here.

          Those limited options for the various companies are part of the tapestry of the game. They give teeth to the reservations which come with the privates (the reservations often being pointless/toothless in other games. They lend significance to managing the tile roster and managing priority during the ORs.

          Whilst I’m not going to bemoan MORE options, please don’t take away the original mode entirely.

        2. I agree with Galatolol. One of my favorite things about 36jr30 is how it changes the expected pace of the game for 30 players and is a very tight and constrained opening. Additional track options that make the opening less constrained do not seem like positive changes.

          1. Thanks for your comment, we will add these extra city tiles as an option to the game 🙂

    2. Non-viable companies means player order in the first stock round mostly determines victory. Go first and get a good company, or go last and get burned. I also dislike traps. 1822 has this problem, where some of the companies are terrible traps. Get one because of inexperience or because there’s nothing else available and again get burned. Either is a boring misfeature.

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