Upgrades / errata to stickers with track tiles

We got requests to prepare additional stickers for several sets, but we also got information that sometimes there are small mistakes. Therefore, we have prepared a total of 8 free fixes and additions.

In 1822 and 1882, the track numbers in the last edition are different than in the earlier versions of the game:

  • 1822: brown tile no. 145 should have number 768, brown tile no. 146 should have number 767 and brown tile no. 147 should have number 769;
  • 1882: green R861 should be R1 and brown R862 should be R2.

For three titles, we have prepared additional stickers that will help you sort the elements in our trays a little better, they are:

  • 1817: there will be a new sticker for NY tiles (to put all NY tiles into one trays compartment);
  • 1824: there will be 3 new stickers, a little bigger Bu and W tiles stickers with corrected colors, and one Bu/W sticker for a request.
  • 18CZ: there are 8 stickers to our new trays set;

There were mistakes in three titles:

  • 1849: the tile no. 669 is wrong (easy to recognize it because one of the legs is too far to the north);
  • 1861/67 
    • Gray 124 tile – the image on the track sticker should have 4 exits only;
    • Gray 640 tile – missing tile number;
    • Gray 642 tile – missing tile number;
    • Gray X8 tile – missing tile number;
  • 18DO: the brown 70 tile was missing; 

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