18Mex with our trays (2 versions)

We prepared for this game two different versions of trays sets. The first one was designed only for the new edition, the second one is more universal and it works with the laminate edition too. 

Currently, the second set is available in our store, but we know that some of our customers bought the first set, so we have prepared a gallery with trays for both sets.

Unfortunately, our card boxes do not fit in any of them, but we will check it carefully once again soon.

The first set with 4 trays: https://www.railsonboards.com/18mex-with-our-trays-version-1/

The second (new) set with 3 trays: https://www.railsonboards.com/18mex-with-our-trays-version-2-the-new-one/

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