Card boxes in our shop from now on + new discount code!

Four different card boxes have already appeared in our store:

All of them are in stock, so we will process orders on a regular basis. As this is a new product, we have a discount for you as always. They are 10% cheaper, while with the code: HELLOTRAYS you will get an additional 10% discount on all our trays.

The discount code is valid until October 17.

Three of the card boxes are dedicated to cards of the Mini Euro 45x68mm size which are in 18xx games. Each tray is the same height (15mm) but has a different number of compartments and holds 42, 84, or 126 cards. Boxes with two and three compartments are a little higher in the middle of the compartment, which allows taking the last card from the box easily.


The last one is a tray for larger cards (or other items) up to 80x110mm: Standard USA Cards Tray: 1 compartment  

Don’t forget to see the full list of all our new products, there are kits for some new 18xx games too:


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