Games from Golden Spike Games with high quality maps

I’ve been waiting over a year for my games from GSG, but I finally got them and they look better than ever.

So far the biggest disadvantage of these games has been the map, it was printed on plain paper and glued to the game board.

Surprisingly, in the games I received, the map is professionally prepared by the printing house! It is beautifully made on linen paper. I ordered a total of 4 titles for me and my friend: 18VA, 18Neb, 18FL & 18Dixie. And only Nebraska has a map like it used to be.

Now I only need to make a set of new stickers and tokens. I would like to add stickers for these titles to our store, but I do not know if it will be possible, I asked for permission and I am waiting for a response from Jeff.

By the way, I asked if it would be possible to order only maps for other old titles that I already have on the shelf. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know!

I have already provided all these titles with a set of trays, you can find them in our new CUBE4ME store. You can also see how they look with our trays here.

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