18Chesapeake with our trays

How to sort everything inside the box.

This is a set of 3 trays to sort all track tiles and tokens. The trays fit in the box perfectly!

It contains:

  • 1 x Standard Tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments
  • 2 x Standard Low Tray: 8mm depth, 20 compartments

This set was updated on October 4 (2021), and now it contains:

You can buy it here: https://cube4me.com/product/18chesapeake/

The first tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments


The second one: 8mm depth, 20 compartments


The last one: 8mm depth, 20 compartments


Final result:

4 thoughts on “18Chesapeake with our trays”

  1. Great to see these “how to” detailed pictures 🙂 I am sitting with close to 10 different games right now trying to figure out how to sort the track in the trays. Nice to get some inspiration on how to do it! Should I keep all cities in one tray or should I keep tracks of the same color in the same tray? Is the tray big enough for keeping all different city/town/plain tracks in the same tray? These are questions I am struggling with right now for my games 🙂 Not struggling because I enjoy the time I spend trying to figure it out…

    1. Thanks, Stefan. I’m trying to sort them as much as possible by colors, in some games, it is an easy cake, in some not. I’m sure that there are a few possibilities to every title.

  2. I just got the set of trays and stickers for 18chesa from your shop, visited the site and you published the article on how to assemble – crazy 😀
    Quality of these trays is amazing, same for packaging – can definietly recommend!

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