GMT Announced 18India as a new P500 title

This is the fifth 18xx game GMT will release! So far, 1846 and 1862 have been published, and this year we will see 1848, and don’t forget that 1833NE is still waiting.

18India was announced on August 20 and over 500 people signed up for this title during 2 weeks, so it hit the working list and we can be sure that sooner or later it will be able to appear on our shelf.

A very nice description of the 18India mechanics can be found on the GMT website:

This title changes the mechanics of 1829 so that randomness only appears before the game starts. There were hopes and questions immediately, will it be possible to play 18Africa in the same way?
Because 18Africa is available in the PnP version and it is really beautiful, but in my opinion, the randomness spoils the title. We wrote about it here:
So I hope the mechanics of the 18Indie will be universal.
I keep my fingers crossed for GMT 🙂

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  1. I’m looking forward to this title. One comment about your summary: The rules changes are from “1829 Mainline”, not from”1829”. Those two games are very different.

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