1862 with our trays

Finally, I founded the perfect set of trays to this title. Funny is that they were all the time in our offer, but few things you need to set up in a different way than your intuition tells you. With this set of trays, the box closes completely and everything fits beautifully inside.

There is one big change: there are 4 trays, but only two of them have lids. The second two use a trick that fits beautifully within each other when not completely filled.
This way you can save space in the game box. You can keep it with such trays upside down on the shelf, we guarantee that everything will be in the right place. I tested this option for half a year on my own game 🙂

The second change is that in a low tray with brown tracks, in one compartment there are a maximum of two track tiles, so our stickers with track tiles have been slightly modified and they have 7 more stickers.

For all customers who already have this set and have not had time to put the stickers, we offer a small complimentary set with these 7 stickers: https://cube4me.com/product/1862/

Upgraded stickers are now in the printing house and they should be ready by the end of the week (August 20).

Read also a full story about our trays and how they work with no lids: https://cube4me.com/glossary/extra-low-trays-finally-some-decisions/

So how to set up everything:

All tokens goes to 12mm tray with 25 compartments:

All track tiles goes to: at the top 15mm tray with 20 compartments, there should be yellow tiles, and part of green ones.

Next one is 15mm tray with 20 compartments, there should be green tiles, and part of yellow ones (it looks little chaotic but this way all tiles with N letter will be in this same tray).

As the last tray at the bottom, it can be 8mm tray with 20 compartments or 15mm tray with 20 compartments. One important thing: in each compartment should be max 2 track tiles.

Finally you can put everything inside the box in this order:

Fin 🙂

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